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Fire Water Sprinkler Protection LLC.

Fire Water Sprinkler Protection LLC. - David Nino

Fire Water Sprinkler Protection LLC. David Nino is the President and Founder, he brings 20 years of knowledge, experience, leadership and integrity. Fire Water Sprinkler Protection LLC. has been providing fire protection services for a wide variety of industries in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Whether you need services performed on your existing sprinkler system, help purchasing the right fire extinguishers, or a fire alarm system installed in your new building, Fire Water Sprinkler Protection LLC. is the place to go.

We are faithful to our customers because we are faithful to each other.  When management sales and installation crew are not working together, customer service suffers.  Respect and loyalty all around breeds reliability, accountability, and positive attitudes.

Our Story

For two generations, Fire Water Sprinkler Protection LLC. has been serving the greater Dallas Fort Worth area. It is #7 out of the Union companies in Texas. At FWSP we care about our clients, it’s in our culture to do so. You will receive quick follow-up and mutually agreed upon deadlines that are met. Any questions, no matter how difficult, will be answered within 24 hours. We are true professionals and will go out of our way to make you and/or your customer feel comfortable with the purchase. We have a culture of integrity. We are ethical, moral and fair in our dealings with customers, vendors and employees. We are a family run business and have established a family environment. Fire Water Sprinkler Protection LLC. has maintained loyalty in its business dealings and have not cheapened the experience in the name of profitability.


We are available for evaluations, and are happy to provide you with a free estimate. We will help you plan, design, and create a timeline, all within your budget. Our team is well known for it's great customer service skills, we are here to treat you and your project with the service you deserve.